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Unique Celestial Blockchain Constellations

in the Augmented Reality

Become the owner of section of the celestial GEO-space
and place on it your own unique constellation,
which the entire world will be able to see!

App in development
App in development

Get a free section of celestial GEO-space in your possession and
place a unique constellation on it for just 1 star coupon.

Coupons can be obtained either directly from the system for ETH, or for the temporary lease of any section in the system.?Lease gives the user the right to place on the selected section your own constellation for a limited period of time as well as chance get rewards in the form of star coupons.1 coupon = 0.035 ETH

100 000?The further appearance of coupons in the system
depends solely on the users.

Star coupons are also designed to further improve their own section, by adding unique characteristics.

Choose the free section you like with the help of a geographical map and become its exclusive owner, even being thousands of kilometers away from it.SECTION SIZE
= 200 X 200 М

Place your own unique constellation on the selected section, making it an arbitrary shape in a simple and intuitive graphical editor.

Each section in the system is absolutely unique, 100% owned by its owner and contains the following characteristics:

  • GEO-coordinates of the celestial section
  • The story of its owners
  • The form of the constellation located on it
  • The author of the constellation
  • Decoration of stars in the constellation
  • Lease characteristics?Chance of obtaining star coupons by the tenantNumber of coupons received by the tenant

The section of the celestial GEO-space is a cumulative value object, becoming owner of which you can use it for marketing and entertainment purposes, as well as monetizing, by temporarily renting it to other users.

App in development
App in development

All the constellations placed on the sections can be seen in the real world with the help of augmented reality, being close to their places the actual location of heaven in GEO-space and using the Asterisma mobile application.



Chance to get the unique and rare characteristics ?Rare animated design of the sectionThe unique design of the stars in the constellationAdditional characteristics of the lease

Thus, you will make your section and the constellation placed on it more rare, valuable and attractive for collectors and users who may be interested in renting your section.

Become the owner
Unique Celestial
Blockchain of Ownership
accumulate its value, improve, sell, rent
and just enjoy your time!
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