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Getting started

What do you need to interact with the Asterisma system?

To get started with the system, you need:

  • Computer or laptop with a desktop version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave.
  • Digital wallet MetaMask.
  • Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH).

Installing the digital wallet MetaMask

To start using the Asterisma system, you need to install the MetaMask digital wallet. To perform the first operations in the system you will need the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

Note. MetaMask digital wallet account acts as your unique login and works on the principle of a Bank account. Be sure to save data you want to recover your account in the MetaMask! We will not be able to help you regain access if you lose it.

Why is MetaMask locked?

Sometimes the «START» / «MY OWN» page displays a lock screen. This is because MetaMask automatically locks your account after a certain amount of time to protect your data. To unlock, just click on the extension MetaMask and enter your password.

Reinstalling MetaMask

Sometimes there are situations in which you need to remove and reinstall MetaMask, for example, due to an expansion error. If you saved the data to restore your account, then it's very simple! Remove the MetaMask extension, reinstall it and import the saved data for recovery (twelve words). Then set the password that you want to use (it can be the same one you used before, or a new password) and again c enjoy spending time with Asterisma!

Purchase of Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency

For performing first operations in the system of Asterisma, you will need a cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

For US citizens: you can buy ETH directly through MetaMask:

For everyone else: you can buy ETH using exchanges or exchangers and then transfer them to your MetaMask wallet account. Unfortunately, you cannot use the system from other digital wallet accounts.

How to send Ethereum (ETH) in MetaMask

For US citizens: you can buy ETH directly through MetaMask by clicking on the «BUY» button and following further instructions. It is simple, convenient and does not require the creation of two accounts.

For everyone else: you can buy ETH using exchanges or exchangers using the usual Fiat currency, and then transfer them to your MetaMask account. For example, if you bought ETH using Coinbase:

  • Copy the address of your account to MetaMask by clicking on the «...» logo next to the account and selecting «Copy address to clipboard».
  • Go to Coinbase, click on «Accounts», select your ETH wallet and click «Send».
  • Paste the copied MetaMask account address into the appropriate field and enter the amount you want to transfer.

Understanding Asterisma

What is Asterisma?

Asterisma - is the world’s first Blockchain of augmented reality system, allowing you to become the sole owner of the section of the celestial GEO-space, in any point of the globe and place your own constellations and star shows in the sky which all the world will see!

Every section is absolutely unique, 100% belongs to you, and it is accumulative object of value with its own set of characteristics.

What is the matter and the idea of Asterisma?

Asterisma - is absolutely unique system, which united two progressive technologies such as Blockchain and augmented reality.

The Blockchain technology allows you to be totally sure in a maximum reliability and saving celestial sections and also be sure in the availability of confidential level, which allows to dispose them without any limits and the third party intervention and thank to the technology of augmented reality, the sections can be used in marketing and entertaining purposes.

The section can be sold, transferred, leased and improved for star coupons, receiving unique and rare characteristics for it:

  • Animation of the section
  • Unique design of the stars
  • Additional rental characteristics

Due to the fact that the possibility of improvement, your section can become more rare, valuable and attractive to collectors and people who may be interested in renting it.

Depending on the characteristics, the value of individual celestial sections can reach the value of the properties of the modern world, such as land and real estate.

Key Mechanics of the Asterisma System

All initial interactions with the Asterisma system are conditioned to the presence of the N-quantity of Ethereum (ETH).

For ETH, you can get star coupons from the system. Having coupons available, you can become the owner of any section of GEO-space you like, even being thousands of kilometers away, and install your own unique constellation in an arbitrary form, in which it will be displayed in the real world with the help of augmented reality.

If the system does not have free star coupons to receive for ETH, you can get them for a temporary lease of any section in the system. You can rent a section already occupied by someone by paying ETH to its owner, or an absolutely free section in the system, paying ETH to the system itself. Renting gives you the right to place your own constellation on a selected section for a limited period of time, after which the compiled constellation disappears, and you have a chance to receive a reward in the form of star coupons.

Becoming the owner of a section of celestial GEO-space, you can improve it with the help of star coupons. Improvement occurs by merging coupons with your section, during which there is a chance to get unique and rare characteristics for it:

  • Animation design of the section
  • Unique star designs in the constellation
  • Additional rental characteristics

All celestial sections, like star coupons, are arranged in such a way that they can be transferred and sold to other users, and also monetized, by temporarily transferring them to rent. You can set up your section for sale or rent using the internal Marketplace platform, assigning your own cost for your section to ETH.

Is it necessary to have money to start using Asterisma?

If someone does not give you the celestial section or star coupons as a gift, or you do not win in the competition, then YES, for the first operations in the Asterisma system you need the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

Nothing is clear, just say «in simple words»

Think... develop!

Asterisma is a simple and maximally accessible model of interactions, focused on the progressive interest of users of all levels of technical knowledge.

In other words, the system is as simple as possible, convenient and understandable. You just should start.

Initial interactions

Why star coupons (CPN) are necessary?

Star coupons are designed to purchase and further improve the sections of the celestial GEO-space, where you can place your own unique constellations and show them to the entire world!

Cost of one celestial section is = 1 CPN
Cost of one try of improvement is = 1-10 CPN (chance: 5-50%)

How to get star coupons (CPN)

At the moment, you can get star coupons directly from the system for ETH, on the maximum profitable conditions. For this, you need to go to your profile: «START» / «MY OWN» and click «BUY COUPONS».

Left: 95 000 CPN [limited «one-time» issue]

Attention! The further appearance of coupons in the system depends exclusively on users. After the system does not remain free to receive for ETH star coupons, they will be available only as a reward for temporary rent of celestial sections.

How to add star coupons (CPN) to MetaMask

Add star coupons in the MetaMask is very simple:

  • Open MetaMask, go to «TOKENS» and click «ADD TOKEN».
  • Select the «Token Contract Address» field and paste the coupon address into it:

  • Click «ADD». For correct display of information, close and re-open MetaMask.

Additional Information

Asterisma is not «ICO»

We are absolutely against the «ICO» model.

Asterisma is an independent system built on the principle of an expedient sustainable income-based model (unlike ICO). The Asterisma project does not involve any fees for the implementation of internal digital products and designs. All key functionality of the system is already developed and is on beta-testing.

Initially, only 100 000 star coupons (CPN) were designed for the initial interaction of users with the system, and they will NOT be released anymore. All further emissions depend solely on users.

Asterisma is not «SCAM»

The system is developed, improved and maintained by highly qualified specialists, solely through the Asterisma team.

The Asterisma system has virtually unlimited development potential due to the possibility of introducing advanced functionality and additional opportunities to use GEO-space. Thus, as the system is improved and the users interest in Blockchain technologies inevitably progresses augmented reality, the potential for the growth of the value of objects of celestial property is significantly high. In the long term, the value of certain parts of the celestial GEO-space can reach the value of the familiar to the modern world objects of property, such as land and real estate.

Priority. The project Asterisma is aimed at maximum long-term existence cycle, systematic improvement progressive interest of users and qualitative monetization of user time.

Formed sections affect exclusively initial interactions and are not final. Supporting materials will be supplemented in the process of development of the system.
Stages of Development of the system are presented in section Roadmap

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