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Stages of Development Asterisma

Asterisma is aimed at maximum long-term existence cycle, systematic improvement, progressive interest of users and qualitative monetization of user time.

  • Detailed study of the market IT-segments and identifying the need for sharing two advanced technologies, Blockchain and augmented reality
  • Formation of ideology, justification and modeling of the project structure
  • Development of project documentation
    [White Paper]
  • Development of a presentation WEB-client for visualization of ideology, functionality and unconditional prospects of monetization user time []
  • Development of Smart-contracts for initial user interaction with the system
  • Development of user-friendly profile for initial interaction with the system []
  • Collection and processing of digital information on the most visited and colorful places around the world [special GEO-sections]
  • Limited «one-time» issue:
    100 000 star coupons [CPN Tokens, ERC-20 Standard]
  • Development of an open bonus program to enable users to alternatively receive star coupons (CPN) [Bounty]
  • Development of the spherical separation GEO-map into equal portions: of 200 x 200 m, to provide users the ability to pre-select sections of the celestial GEO-space at any point on the globe [Marketplace-v.1.0]
  • Development of Smart-contracts for preliminary crypto-auctions for the purchase of special celestial GEO-sections [Marketplace-v.1.3]
  • Limited «one-time» issue:
    12+ billion unique collectible celestial sections of equal size: 200 x 200 m, completely covering the entire area of the globe [GEO Tokens, ERC-721 Standard]
  • Development of Smart-contracts for full user interaction with the system
  • Development of a convenient Marketplace platform for the implementation of full user interactions and management of the unique celestial Blockchain ownership [Marketplace-v.2.0]
  • Development of an international video-presentation, for maximum visualization of the ideology, uniqueness, functionality and global perspectives of user time monetization in the Asterisma system
  • Development of a convenient and intuitive graphical editor for composing your own unique constellations in arbitrary form on sections of the celestial GEO-space []
  • Development of 1+ million graphic and animation elements for visualization of unique and rare characteristics of celestial GEO-sections
  • Development of a mobile application of augmented reality «Asterisma» to provide users with the ability to view all the existing constellations in the system - in the real world, being close to their actual locations in the celestial GEO-space [Asterisma-app-v.1.0]
  • Development and implementation in the system of the first presentation star show: «Future is Over Us», which the entire world will be able to see! [Marketplace-v.2.1]
Presented Stages of Development, reflect only the key tasks of the system development and are not final.

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